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So what exactly is Viblok?

Viblok is a post-shave lotion for your most intimate bits. It smooths and soothes the skin, enhancing its natural healing defenses.

Is Viblok safe to use?

Yes, we’ve got your back  — and your bits. Clinical and laboratory testing indicate that Viblok is safe to use and non-toxic

Can I swallow Viblok?

We don’t encourage swallowing Viblok.

Does Viblok prevent me from getting pregnant?

No. Viblok has no contraceptive properties. When it comes to pregnancy prevention, check with your physician.

Can same-sex couples use Viblok?


What is the company behind Viblok?

When do I apply it?

Apply Viblok right after shaving, waxing, or grooming and re-apply as you see fit.

Can I use it as a lubricant, too?

No. Viblok is not a lubricant.

Can I use it with a lubricant?

Yes. Remember, though, some lubricants like Vaseline can cause damage to a condom. Make sure to read your labels and use the right lubes for the right activities.

What does it smell like?

Nothing at all! We made sure it’s unscented so it doesn’t clash with whatever other scents you’re wearing.
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