What is VIBLOK?

It is a compound formulated to create a physical barrier, enhancing the skins ability to avoid Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) such as genital herpes (clinical evidence pending).

Is VIBLOK safe to use?

Lab testing and experience with creams with similar ingredients indicate that VIBLOK is non-toxic.

What if I swallow some of it?

Lab testing as well experience with creams with similar ingredients suggest there is no problem when VIBLOK is swallowed.

Does VIBLOK prevent me from getting pregnant?

It has NO contraception properties.

Does it replace a condom?

It does not replace the condom.

I already have Genital Herpes, does VIBLOK protect my partner?

VIBLOK is designed to act as a physical barrier in both directions.

Do both partners have to put it on?

It is better if both partners apply VIBLOK.

Is it less effective if only 1 partner uses it?

VIBLOK has not been tested on only one partner.

How does a cream create a skin barrier?

Silicone bond gel creates a hydrophobic barrier. This repels the water of the viral capsule.

When can I apply it?

Prior to contact. Repeat hourly as needed.

How long does the effect last?

Lab testing indicates the effect lasts up to one hour.

Can I use it with a lubricant?

Yes, however care needs to be taken as some lubricants, such as vaseline, can damage a condom.

Do you have it available in a bottle?

VIBLOK will be available in bottles in the future.

What if I develop a rash?

Discontinue use of the product and contact a physician.

When can I get it?

VIBLOK is currently under clinical investigation and not available for sale to the public. We anticipate spring 2018.

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